Your Facebook cover photo is like a billboard for your club page. Yet some clubs select images that are the wrong size, or that don’t represent the club properly. Attempting to use an image that is too small will result in the cover photo becoming pixelated, and could result in people leaving your Facebook page before even checking out your content. Since the cover photo is one of the first things your potential fans will see on the page, it is very important to make sure the image is clear and tells some kind of story about your club. After your cover photo, your fans are likely to notice your profile photo, make sure you once again choose a photo of the correct size so that it doesn’t appear squished or have important elements cut off.

Here is a list of the most commonly used Facebook images and their dimensions.

Facebook Cover Photo:
851px x 315px

Facebook Profile Photo (upload size):
180px x 180px

Facebook App Images:
111px x 74px

Facebook Shared Image (in timeline):
403px x 403px

Facebook Highlighted Post:
843px x 403px

We have seen many club sites use the OI graphics for the profile photo where the octagon appears to have a heavy weight on top changing its shape. Below you will find properly sized OI logos for use as your profile picture. Just right-click and save to your computer.


Presidents Theme Emblem

2016-17 President's Theme

Black FOY Emblem

Friend of Youth - Black

Blue FOY Emblem

Friend of Youth - Blue

JOI Emblem

JOI Clubs

Black OI Logo Emblem

OI Octogon - Black

Blue OI Logo Emblem

OI Octogon - Blue

 Color OI Logo Emblem

OI Octogon - Multi-Color

BOBIK Emblem

Bringing Out the Best in Kids