Oratorical Emblem

Oratorical Contest
The Oratorical Contest is open to students under the age of 18 as of October 1, 2017 who have not yet graduated from high school or its equivalent. Students are required to prepare a 4- to 5-minute speech on a pre-assigned topic. This contest is designed to assist youth in gaining public speaking experience and provide them with an opportunity to compete for a $2,500 scholarship at the District level and up to $20000 more at the National level. For more information, click here.

CCDHH Emblem

Students who are certified to have a hearing loss of 40 decibels or more may compete in this contest designed to help them develop the skills and confidence to present in sign or orally to an audience. One scholarship of $2,500 per District is awarded by Optimist International each year. For more information, click here.

Essay Emblem

Essay Contest
This contest requires students under the age of 18 as of October 1, 2017 who have not yet graduated from high school or the equivalent to compose a 700 - to 800-word essay around a central idea. The contest is designed to develop writing and critical thinking skills. One scholarship of $2,500 per District is awarded by Optimist International each year. For more information,
click here.

Respect For Law Emblem

Respect for Law
Optimist Clubs participate in activities to inspire respect for law enforcement among young people and to educate them on the jobs these brave men and women perform. Events are also held to promote a sense of well-being in the community such as child ID events, poster or essay contests on alternatives to violence and various family-friendly activities.

Youth Appreciation Emblem

Youth Appreciation
Optimists recognize youth for a variety of reasons, including their achievements at school, dedication to community service, improvement in their grades and doing their best in sports or the arts. This activity allows Optimists to build the self-esteem of the youth in their community and show them that their efforts and hard work really do make a difference.

Internet Safety Emblem

Internet Safety
The Internet Safety program was established in December 2008 with the focus of providing Clubs with resources to educate both young people and their parents about potential dangers on the internet and offering information about safe practices while online.

JOI Clubs Emblem

JOI Clubs
Junior Optimist International (JOI), is the world's most dynamic coalition of youth volunteers. JOI members represent the times well by making their communities better - one service project at a time. With more than 15,000 members in more than 500 communities, JOI members are constantly working to promote positive change in their communities.

Childhood Cancer Emblem

Childhood Cancer
The Childhood Cancer Campaign was established by Optimist International in 2001 with the mission of “being the leading force to rid the world of childhood cancer.” Since the program’s inception, Clubs in every District have participated in various activities focused on building awareness of the disease, providing assistance for children and their families, and supporting research to find a cure. June has been designated as Optimist Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For more information, click here.

Junior Golf Emblem

Optimist Golf
The Optimist International Junior Golf Championships is one of the largest and best-known junior golf tournaments in the world. Each year, more than 600 golfers participate in THE OPTIMIST. Optimists have been involved in the sport of junior golf for more than 30 years by holding local, regional and international tournaments. More than 5,000 golfers compete in official Optimist District qualifying tournaments. The best of these golfers, along with international golfers from around the globe, advance to the annual Optimist International Junior Golf Championships. For more information, click here.

Tri-Star Emblem

Tri-Star Sports
This is an optional activity Clubs can sponsor that focuses on three skills competitions in each of the following sports: basketball, baseball, soccer, football, in-line hockey or ice hockey. For more information, click here.

Youth Safety Emblem

Youth Safety
This activity includes teaching youth about important safety issues that they encounter every day, such as traveling in a car or on the school bus and riding their bike. Optimist events such as a bicycle rodeo can make learning safety skills fun for everyone involved.