Health & Wellness

Grant Application

The Childhood Health & Wellness Program gives Clubs and Districts the opportunity to initiate projects and services to improve the quality of life for children in their communities across a broader spectrum of needs.

Childhood Health & Wellness includes four focus areas:

Healthy Lifestyles

Chronic Diseases

Mental Health

Disabilities – Physical, Intellectual & Developmental

Clubs may apply for a matching grant by filling out and submitting this form.

One of the highest honors we can give to a generous supporter of the Foundation is the honor of becoming part of an exclusive group of donors known as the Christian D. Larson Partners. Named after the author of ‘The Optimist Creed’, this giving level was adopted to recognize donors who contribute a one-time $1,000 unrestricted gift.

Dime A Day

Donation Form

With just one dime a day, you can become part of the movement of “Helping Optimists Help Kids” and become part of a large group of Foundation supporters who realize what a difference they make every day in the lives of children. The Dime-A-Day level is reached by a contribution of $36.50 to the Foundation within one Optimist Year, and is recognized by the presentation of a pin.

Honor / Memorial / Military Patch

Application Form

To receive your Club’s Honor / Memorial / Veterans Banner Emblem and embroidered name bar of the individual, please fill out this form and send it in with your $100 donation.

Presidents Club

Donation Form

Join the Presidents Club by making an initial unrestricted gift of $250, and renew your membership each year by making an annual $250 contribution. When you join, you will receive a prestigious Presidents Club lapel pin.

Women’s Philanthropy Council

Donation Form

The purpose of the Women’s Philanthropy Council is to keep women connected to Optimist International and empower them by assisting them

with their philanthropy.